5 stars on App Store

Hexagonal Puzzle that will keep you occupied for a long time

SixSides is a game that demands a lot of thinking from the player and guarantees hours of fun in your iPhone/iPod. There are 42 puzzle levels that become more difficult while you level up.

The game is played on a hex grid with tokens. Tokens can be moved. Each token has a number. The number determines how many of the other tokens can touch it. So, if the number on the token is 2, it must have two adjacent tokens. Once a token has the correct number of adjacent tokens, it turns green. To solve a puzzle level, all the tokens must be green.

When a token turns yellow, it needs more adjacent tokens. When it’s red, it’s adjacent to too many. Some tokens are locked and cannot be moved.


just got through 10 levels and am amazed bythe simplicity yet very fun gameplay. All you do if connect hexagons together but each carries a number and that number dictates how many other hexagons it could touch. First appearence the game looks a bit dull but its the simple gameplay that shines and addictive. The music is decent not bad but not great and the game is challanging but eventually you’ll be able to solve it. If this developer keeps to support and add more levels and maybe a bigger hexagon(if not already done) or a nice background to catch a customers eye, it would basically be a 5 but right now im gonna give it a 4/5 -skyye06

Well done puzzle that one must think in order to solve. It’s not easy, but at the same time it’s not hard. Move the pieces around so that each piece has the correct number of other pieces touching it. Autosaves for you, so it’s perfect for quickie games or when you have to suddenly put it down. A suggestion could be if they could give us different backgrounds/playing fields. Other than that, it’s great. The iPodlady


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